Commitment & Scope

Airwing Tours' approach to business is guided by a strong commitment to continuously challenge ourselves to become a market leader by providing innovative, enjoyable and quality holidays that protect and enhance the local environment and culture for future generations.


Our industry faces many challenges and opportunities which have a direct impact on us and our stakeholders. Moving towards sustainability is in the best interest of our company and society as a whole. With this in mind and based on the guiding principles for Sri Lanka's tourism industry we focus on the following;

  • Environmental responsibility: minimise the negative impact on the natural environment and careful use of natural resources to ensure availability for future generations
  • Social responsibility: respect for people and their diversity through ethical and fair treatment of all stakeholders
  • Economic success: wise use of financial resources to achieve economic prosperity for ourselves and the local community


At Airwing Tours we are committed to;

Reduce, reuse & recycle

  • Provide staff with information and training on how to be more environmentally responsible when carrying out day to day responsibilities.
  • Recognising that water and energy are precious resources that we need to use carefully.
  • Minimising the direct environmental impact of our operations by reducing and recycling paper, rainwater harvesting for vehicle washing or opting to email invoices and correspondence whenever possible rather than printing and posting.

Protecting and enhancing favourite destinations for the future enjoyment of visitors and the people who live there

  • - Actively promote, support and encourage rehabilitation camps for animals that genuinely release the animals back into their natural environment.
  • - Fund projects that emphasise the protection of endangered species such as Turtles or Elephants.
  • - Avoid promoting Zoos or any sites at which animals are kept captive, promote activities that are cruel or not normal animal behaviour.
  • - Avoid the use and promotion of products made from or services that utilise endangered species of fauna and flora.
  • - Being proactively involved in activities and projects that work to protect and restore the natural environment.
  • - Encourage the use of water filters by suppliers to remove chlorine in water, which makes it suitable for consumption and requesting hotels to supply clean filtered water instead of bottled water in rooms.
  • - Encourage and promote suppliers that install water-saving showers, taps and flushing systems.

Buying local and giving fair economic returns to local families

  • - Encourage our suppliers to help the local communities economically by employing people from the area and providing the necessary training to assist with their entrance into the tourism/hospitality industry.
  • - Encourage and promote suppliers that install energy-saving devices and utilize renewable energy sources.
  • - Buying locally and organically grown produce at fair market prices to encourage the local community to practice sustainable farming methods.
  • - Avoid suppliers that exploit women, children and the marginalised or violate human rights.

Taking responsibility for our actions while enjoying ourselves

  • - While the sole purpose of the holiday is to have a good time, it is of utmost importance that our clients are encouraged to leave behind a positive impact through activities such as helping a school or a family with a donation, planting a tree during their stay, supporting wildlife protection efforts or similar activities that leave a positive impact.
  • - Ensure customers are provided adequate information about local customs and beliefs to ensure cultural and religious sensitivity.
  • - Encourage our consumers to use refillable bottles for water and drinks, discouraging the purchase of plastic mineral water bottles.
  • - Strictly no littering in places of interest or at any stage during the tours.

Respecting local cultures and natural environment

  • - Making sure our chosen suppliers do not harm the local culture and take measures not to harm the environment. It's even better when our suppliers actively preserve the natural environment.
  • - Sourcing produces locally and encouraging organically grown produce through training in collaboration with the agricultural department of Sri Lanka. Assist with obtaining certification when practicable.
  • - Whenever possible obtain the services of the local community for local knowledge such as identifying trekking paths, sourcing meals from the local community.
  • - Support and promote local projects that emphasise the values of sustainability.