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It is a celebration by the Hindus to the God Shiva. The legends behind this celebration are varied, yet very interesting to listen to, especially if told by a Hindu. The celebrations usually fall within the months of February or March.

This day to all Sri Lankans is a very special day. It’s the celebration of obtaining independence from the British after over a century of British rule. The celebrations are of the highest scale, as the whole island joins to celebrate being a free country.

Is a procession held in celebration of Lord Buddha’s first visit to the island. Decorated and celebrated in colourful grandeur, the first perahera for the year is definitely a must see if you are in the island.

It’s a celebration giving thanks to the sun God and the farm livestock for the abundant harvest. “pongal” which in Tamil means spilling over, symbolizing abundance in opportunities and materialistic fulfillment.. As tradition the Tamils in the island prepare over boiled rice, mixed with cashew and raisins, known as the pongal rice.