Airwing Tours – Sri Lanka


Poson marks the arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Many pilgrims climb Mihintale- as a mark of their deep devotion.

Catholics travel from across the island to the North to the shrine of the Virgin Mary, for a week-long celebration.

Colourful processions occupy the streets as devotees honour the God Skandha with two weeks of celebration.

As in any place even in this tiny island Christmas is a magical sight. The absence of snow doesn’t take away the festive spirit, as the lit up streets and carols playing from inside shops will raise your spirits keeping you in perfect harmony with the festivity around you.

The festival of lights celebrated by the hindus to welcome the goddess Lakshmi into their homes, is truly a magical sight. With the houses all lit up in celebration, the city shines brighter on the night of Diwali.

A completely fun filled event in which the entire family can take part, the kite festival is held in Colombo annually. Kites made using sarees, paper and other materials are flown in competition and celebration, and the sound of children's excited laughter fills the streets.

The sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is ceremoniously carried in procession to the Kandyan temple in honour of Lord Buddha. The procession that walks the streets amidst crowds of hundreds is a sight like no other. Elephants adorned In silk and stones, kandyan dancers, flag bearers and many others play their own role in honour and celebration of the sacred relic of Lord Buddha.

A festival celebrated in grandeur. Sri Lanka being a Buddhist country, this important event which marks the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha, is given the highest commemoration in the island. The cities come to life as the streets lit up with lanterns and colourful pandols telling stories of Lord Buddha’s life create a sight which would not go unnoticed.

Christians across the island celebrate the day which marks the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. Churches across the island are grandly decorated while most Christians host small celebrations within their homes.

The biggest celebration for all Sri Lankans is the Sinhala Tamil new year. With the harvesting of the crops, it marks the start of a new year. It’s celebrated in true grandeur and the celebrations last a whole week. It’s a truly remarkable celebration, not one to be missed.